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How to make banking ads a little less boring.

At JWT Dubai I worked on HSBC for almost four years. First as a Creative Director, then as a Regional Creative Director. When I took on the role some industry friends asked me why I would possibly want to work on a bank. Wouldn't that be creative suicide? Personally, I believe you can develop great work for any product or brand. Especially when you work with clients who understand that creativity drives results. I was fortunate enough to find out HSBC has a lot of those people.

Together with my local and global clients I helped develop some of the most creative and effective work for the brand. I helped develop regional campaigns like #NoBetterTimeThanNow which set new sales records, an award winning activation with a lie detector and 'the Museum of Procrastination', a film that took the global brand into new creative territory. Below are a few examples of press ads from those years, some for the Middle East, some global.

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