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About Me

I'm Richard Hol. I have a passion for developing innovative ideas and for shaping environments where creativity thrives and people from different disciplines and nationalities collaborate successfully.


Over the years, I've helped solve a wide variety of marketing, brand and communications challenges.

I've developed global campaigns and local campaigns, big budget executions and little budget executions, brand ideas and tactical solutions, content that people liked and content that people shared, work that added value to the lives of people and work that added value to the results of organizations.

I'm a big picture thinker who hasn't lost his passion for hands-on craftsmanship. A creative with a strategic mind and a strategist with a lateral brain. A winner of awards for creativity and awards for effectiveness.

I love adding fuel to the goodness that burns inside people, to build bonds between clients and agencies and to create cultures where creativity thrives, fun flourishes and mutual respect comes naturally. I also love passing on my knowledge, which is why I've been a teacher at American University Dubai, a primary school in Amsterdam and a speaker at various events.

I've worked in Amsterdam, Dubai, London and Singapore, for markets around the world. I co-founded a boutique agency, helped establish a healthcare agency, was a Regional Creative Director at a network agency and an Executive Creative Director at an independent agency and a content & influencer marketing agency.

If there's one thing I've learned it's that today is full of possible - for people, for brands, for organizations. Here's to another first.

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