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This temp agency dared to speak out against racism.

The Netherlands have a reputation for tolerance but sadly, racism, however subtle, does play a role in society. It becomes particularly apparent when people from a migrant background apply for jobs: they're significantly less likely to be hired.

Manpower, a temp agency, decided to speak out and make it very clear that this is not how they look at candidates. Not surprisingly, the film sparked a much needed nationwide debate. It's the type of advertising I enjoy making more than any other; human, insightful, meaningful.

The film was shot with Dutch director Allard Bekker. The press campaign featured people from Moroccan and Turkish descent and made it clear the only things that should define opportunity are talent, skills and ambition. The construct of the headlines suggests that destiny isn't a given, it's a choice. It tied in elegantly with the tagline 'What do you do?', which together with their new logo had just been launched as Manpower's global brand idea.

This campaign was developed together with creative Ecco Vos.

Watch the film (a Cannes Lions Finalist).

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