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Our new office mural is a reminder to unite - not divide.

These days, watching the news can make you think people have never been more divided. Everywhere, people seem to be pitched against other people; against Mexicans, against refugees, against immigrants, against Europe, against Muslims.

I believe there are always more reasons to unite and that our differences are opportunities to learn and grow.

That's why I dedicated a wall in the Nomads office in Dubai to an Arabic translation of these simple words, that come natural when you have a nomadic attitude: Love everything, love everyone, love everywhere.

Bambi and Thumper taught me as a kid that strangers can be best friends so they became the backdrop. Design Director Celia Jaber did the design and street artist Justin McMahon added it to our walls. Check out the time-lapse video to see how an empty office wall took on a deeper meaning.

Watch the time-lapse video.

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