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The coolest kids in the world don't wear Nikes.

In 2015 I was in Zanzibar filming a campaign for Dubai Cares, a philanthropic organization that aims to provide education for children in developing countries. I headed to little villages in a country that ranks among the poorest in the world and expected to find disheartened kids under hopeless circumstances.

But to my surprise the children I met were anything but miserable. With nature as their playground and their imagination as a tool, they bubbled with happiness and showed incredible resourcefulness. They had no iPads or Snapchat but they knew how to turn sticks and bottles into toys and instruments and were buzzing around from dusk till dawn. It wasn't hard to imagine how education and opportunity could make their talents soar. But it also made me wonder if children in developed countries, who seemingly have so much, could actually learn something from these kids, who seemingly have so little.

I took these portraits with my Samsung Galaxy S5 K Zoom phone and serve as a reminder that sometimes having a little less is actually worth more.

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