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If a brand can have a manifesto, then why not an agency?

A brand manifesto can help define and guide the identity of a brand. Almost like a moral compass it can be a brand’s plan for a better world, uniting its people behind a purpose, creating a clearer sense of shared beliefs. It’s why some of the strongest brands have manifestos. When I joined Nomads in 2015 the agency had a set of values; curious, inventive, brave, agile. Meaningful words, but also open to interpretation. It’s why I started doing what we do so often for our clients; write a manifesto - but this time for the agency. Adding deeper, more specific meaning to the Nomads brand. I took inspiration from the agency’s values and from what the word Nomads represents. And then I tapped into my own hopes and dreams and passions. I gave it a collective voice, giving people clearer ownership of the brand (‘We are Nomads’). I gave it an active voice, making it a creative call to action. I rooted it in a desire for positive change. And most importantly, I didn’t relate it to any particular industry. It’s written like an attitude to life, one that anyone, anywhere should be able to take inspiration from if they share the mindset of Nomads.

Then I bought a bucket of paint and wrote it on an office wall.

That's me, a bucket of paint and an office wall.

Watch a time-lapse video of Swiss graffiti artist Justin McMahon painting the manifesto in the new Nomads DXB office.

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