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Now that's disruptive poster design.

14 years ago, Dubai Holding organised the first vertical run in Dubai - a race up the 1334 steps of Emirates Towers. But now, there are vertical runs all across town. So in 2016, to get at least as many sign-ups as in 2015, the event poster for Dubai Holding SkyRun had to work even harder to get noticed.

We developed a poster that doesn't just turn heads; it tilts them. It looks like a poster hanging crooked, but on second glance you see it's hung just perfectly. A simple die-cut turns any surface into a staircase - a call to tackle the 1334 steps of SkyRun. The result? Dubai Holding didn't just match 2015's 290 registrations, it sprinted past them by 25% to 365 runners on race day. Adforum featured the Tilted Poster in its Top 5 of best ads in the world in April 2016.

This idea was developed together with creative Adam Fierman.

The Tilted Poster made the Top 10 Print and Outdoor in Campaign Magazine's roundup of 2016.

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