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Here's a bedtime story that can stop child abuse.

This was such a special project for The Council of Europe, to help prevent child abuse. More than just raising awareness about the issue, which is what most campaigns do, we developed a method that enabled parents and children to actively prevent abuse.

It started with the insight that children between the ages of 2-5 can't distinguish between intimacy that's right and wrong. It makes it almost impossible for them to recognize abuse, especially when the perpetrator is someone they know, which is mostly the case.

That's why we developed the Underwear Rule - an easy to understand rule that teaches little children where they shouldn't be touched.

To reach children this young we couldn't use conventional channels, so we selected a medium that 2-year-olds consume; bedtime stories. It gave me the opportunity to write my first children's book, to help parents explain the Underwear Rule. Not without the help of established children's book writers, by the way, who taught me everything about how to write stories for little children.

The Underwear Rule was rolled out across Europe by the Council of Europe. Launching it in Rome in 2010 together with Italian Minister for Equal Opportunity, Maria Carfagna, was a highlight of my career.

The campaign won 1 gold in Government Advertising, 1 silver in Storytelling and 1 silver in Design at the Prague International Advertising Festival.

This idea was developed together with creatives Ecco Vos, Seyoan Vela and Colin Lamberton.

Watch the case study.

TV Commercial

We published a children's book in different European languages.

Press ads

Kiko on Spanish TV News

Children from a primary school in Belgrade, Serbia, performed the story of Kiko and the Hand as a school play

to educate other kids about abuse.

A TV interview with the Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe for the launch of the campaign in 17 countries.

One of the first test films by Argentinian animators Punga.

The Underwear Rule on Spanish evening news.

At the European launch of The Underwear Rule in Rome with Italian Minister for Equal Opportunity Maria Carfagna and Grey Managing Director Hazelle Klonhammer.

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