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What you need to know about foreplay.

Ads for medicinal toothpaste typically feature men in white coats and demos of ingredients flying around in your mouth. But sometimes you have a client who's up for something different. That's how this film got made.

It soon turned out that developing a film that disrupts a category isn't such a bad idea at all. It was originally developed for the Dutch market but quickly got picked up by other European countries in the SmithKline Beecham network and even made it all the way to Australia. The sensation of getting kicked in the balls is an idea that travels, it seems.

It's likely also the reason the film got featured on Ruby Wax' Commercial Breakdown on the BBC. It was content in an age before content existed. The film was shot on Ibiza in 2001 with Dutch director Paul Vos. And yes, the music was inspired by Madonna's Erotica.

This idea was developed together with creative Ecco Vos.

This film was a Cannes Lions Finalist.

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