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4.5 million Saudis wanted to watch this. In 4 days.

This piece of content for Coca-Cola was my first project for the Saudi market. As part of the 'Share a Coke' campaign we wrote a script that featured legendary football players Majed Abdullah from Al Nasr and Sami al Jaber from Al Hilal. The two football clubs are arch rivals but Coke set out to prove there's more that unites its supporters than separates them.

Filming the video in Saudi Arabia without being able to attend the shoot was challenging and there are elements that could be improved upon. But sparking a passionate debate between Saudi football fans, with over 1,500 comments on YouTube alone made it an incredibly satisfying project nonetheless.

This idea was developed together with creatives Adam Fierman, Carl Lundqvist and Mahmoud Alkhawaja.

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