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Creativity can empower brands - and the people who work for those brands.

When Norwegian paint brand Jotun first came to Nomads, they asked for a leaflet to introduce their new range of wood-look powder coatings - they left with an aluminium sauna. It was a piece of content that did justice to their new product (read more about it elsewhere on this blog).

The chemistry between client and agency was remarkable from the get-go. I believe it has a lot to do with two main ingredients; mutual respect and always having a constructive approach to working together. It's why the work feels so fresh and is made with so much love.

The work has also helped make Jotun even more excited about the potential of their marketing activities. So much so that they decided to organize an event to premiere the video about the sauna project; they booked a space in Dubai club Q43 and invited colleagues and clients. It's great to see how creativity can be so contagious. It has the power to elevate brands and fill the people who work for those brands with pride.

The words from Serena Gonsalves, Global Communications Manager at Jotun, still ring in our ears: "Nomads has completely reimagined how Jotun communicates in the Powder Coatings Industry with industry defining creative, anchored in customer insights."

Serena Gonsalves, Global Communications Manager for Jotun, at the internal premiere of the Aluminium Sauna video, together with Thomas Opara, me and Alex Paquin from Nomads.

The video that premiered that night.

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