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Furniture designers didn't know powder coating. Now it's part of their very first sketches.

Jotun is one of the world’s biggest brands in powder coating, a type of paint used to protect and decorate metal and aluminium. You’ll find it on skyscrapers, motorbikes and oil pipelines. But when they had to launch their first ever range of powder coatings for furniture, it was to an audience of furniture designers who, like you, had never heard of powder coating. The challenge was to make an unfamiliar finish part of their design process.

Being a stranger to furniture designers, Jotun had to get personal - so we opted for Direct Marketing. We developed custom colored pencils that matched Jotun's colors and created brochures inspired by sketch pads, including grey board backsides. Then we wrapped it all in a way that designers have been familiar with since their very first art class - a custom-made pencil case. We also developed the name for Jotun's new range: The Imagination Collection. A label that positions the coatings as a way to explore new creative possibilities. Take a look at the case study below for the full story on how Jotun won street cred with a new audience.

This idea was developed together with creatives Adam Fierman, Celia Jaber and Ann Umer.

View the case study.

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