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How to add new meaning to Dubai powerhouse Majid Al Futtaim.

In Dubai, they're almost a category on their own; destination ads, campaigns that advertise the many things you can do in this city. Not so strange because leisure, entertainment and hospitality are a massive industry. Majid Al Futtaim is a leading pioneer of shopping malls, communities and retail attractions across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. They're the people behind icons like Mall of the Emirates and Ski Dubai, the ski slope in the dessert.

It's a company with a long heritage, but they gave us the freedom to help them progress their brand. More than just developing a new campaign, we defined a new brand idea together. One that's rooted in Majid Al Futtaim's original brand vision of bringing great moments to everyone, everyday - but with contemporary purpose.

The new brand idea 'Create Great Moments Together' is a 'social call-to-action', inspiring people to continue to spend face-to-face quality time together, even when 24/7 work inboxes are getting in the way and phones have become an anti-social addiction. Why? Because research across the Middle East proved what we already felt; people miss hanging out together, it makes them happy yet they forget to prioritize it.

As part of the campaign to launch the new brand idea around the region, we developed a 60 second film. It was a requirement to feature the Majid Al Futtaim destinations, but our client let us do it in a way that's a fresh break from the category norm. The film has an emotional authenticity and unpolished energy that's uncommon in the market. American director Cole Webley (who also shot the most talked-about Superbowl ad of 2017, for 84 Lumber, with the Mexican border wall) brought a visceral look to it that feels genuinely human and exciting. The soundtrack is from young Dutch indie band Taymir. Thank God for Spotify; I found it hidden in one of my playlists.

This campaign was developed together with creatives Adam Fierman, Phil Ramage, Celia Jaber, Zeina Chidiac and Shayda Jaberolansar.

Check out the TV commercial.

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