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Listen closely and you'll hear this unborn child speak.

Every year around 500,000 girls are aborted in India. Not because their parents don't want children, but because they don't want girls. Girls are considered expensive. When girls marry, parents have to pay for a dowry they often can't afford.

But abortion is only one of the many threats girls face in parts of India. Circumcision, abuse, reduced access to education, they're all real risks and Plan, a global NGO, is trying to battle them. Lobbying for new laws and providing education to young parents are just two examples of the many things they do to improves the lives of girls.

This film was developed to help raise awareness and funds. Even when you don't speak Dutch, the voice-over may still send shivers down your spine.

The idea was made together with creative Ecco Vos.

Watch the TVC.

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