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How to convince an architect aluminium can look like wood: build an aluminium sauna.

This was the first project Nomads did for Norwegian based Jotun Powder Coatings. In case you're wondering what powder coating is; it's a finish to decorate and protect metal and aluminium. When Jotun came to us they were looking for a leaflet to promote their new range of powder coatings with wood look.

We felt a leaflet would hardly do their innovation justice. Especially because they had a target audience of architects who were skeptical of faux-wood finishes. So we developed an idea that would convince even the biggest cynic of the range's remarkably lifelike aesthetics; the world's first all-aluminium sauna. It was a perfect replica of the first wooden icon that comes to mind when you're a company from Scandinavia. The design project became an engaging piece of content for architects.

If you think Business-to-Business ads are dull then take a look at the case video below.

This idea was developed together with creative Adam Fierman.

The Aluminium Sauna project was turned into a video in 'How It's Made' style that was shared with architects.


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