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What does a lie detector reveal about car owners?

In Dubai, activations in shopping malls are a big thing. You'll always find loads of them around the Mall of the Emirates and the Dubai Mall. Engaging an audience that usually has better things to do than talking to sales reps is a real challenge - but not impossible.

This activation had people queuing just for a chance to be hooked up to a lie-detector. And it wasn't only shoppers that took notice. It won the HSBC Campaign Of The Year Award 2014 - an award handed out to the best HSBC campaign in the world and a first time ever win for the MENA region. It also won two Silver MENA Cristals (Media & Banking) and one Bronze European Cristal (Media).

The idea was developed together with creatives Reema Chandhok, Catherine McManus and Lianne Rivett.

Case study.

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