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Winning a pitch was never so much fun. #RedBull

'You've got 72 hours.' That's what Red Bull said when they called to schedule a visit for a credentials presentation. They were looking to renew their roster of agencies and Nomads was on the long-list. Of course, none of the agencies would consider a 'death by powerpoint' tactic - us included.

So instead of putting some slides together we decided to brief ourselves. Not to develop another 'extreme sports thing', but to promote Red Bull to an untapped audience; the hundreds of thousands of office workers in Dubai.

To let them know just how much Red Bull can energize the workplace we set out to redesign the age-old office cubicle. The Red Bull Office Cubicle wasn't a mind-numbing, one-person prison cell - it had a climbing wall and a hammock for power naps. Then we built a prototype; a 4 meter high prototype, to be precise. It’s what you do when you have a creative department that’s not made up of traditional creatives, but people who are as good at wood crafting as they are at copywriting.

In the meantime we asked our Facebook community to suggest other features for the Red Bull Office Cubicle. People asked for a fridge stocked with Red Bull, a grass carpet and a window with mountain views - so we added them.

When Red Bull walked into the Nomads office they walked into an experience like no other; a crowd-sourced, real-life prototype of a brand activation that could open up new opportunities for market growth.

And we were selected for their roster of agencies in the Middle East and North Africa. But even if that wouldn't have happened, this would've still been the most fun 72 hours any of us had ever had with their clothes on.

Watch the time-lapse video of the build of the Red Bull Office Cubicle.

Through Facebook we crowd-sourced extra features for the Red Bull Office Cubicle.

Snapshots from 48 hours of creating and crafting ideas together.

Watch 2.5 minutes of creative collaboration.

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