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Don't just think - provoke thinking.

Every time we create something for a brand or ourselves we have the opportunity to let our voice be heard. To me, it doesn't matter how you use that voice, as long as you do. As long as you trigger an insight, set something in motion, shake something up.

As long as you're the voice of reason - or the voice of disruption. The voice of concern - or the voice of hope. The voice of ambition - or the voice of content. The voice of wisdom - or the voice of stupidity. The voice of forwards - or the voice of backwards. The voice of less - or the voice of more.

I used my own voice as a speaker at the first Glug event in the Middle East, trying to provoke a different kind of thinking among people in the creative industry. Even my tiny bio was a chance to share my own sound.

In an upcoming blog post I'll share more about my talk 'Don't Be Someone Else's Creative - Be Your Own Creator'.

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