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Harvey, Gabriel Macht recognizes the perfect apartment like he recognizes the perfect suit.

Real estate is a giant industry in Dubai. As far as the eye can see there are developments popping up and ads trying to sell them. Standing out in an overcrowded landscape like this is a challenge. When property developer Dubai Holding needed to advertise their development 'Madinat Jumeirah Living', Nomads developed a slightly more daring strategy than usual. Adam Fierman and I wrote a film that positioned this premium community against the lifestyle benchmark of Dubai: its downtown city center. The story is told by someone who would recognize a place that's got style and luxury in spades: Gabriel Macht, Harvey Specter from Suits.

Nomads agency credits:

Creative: Adam Fierman, Richard Hol

Account: Dominic Kiew-Smith, Scott Maxwell

Producer: Brence Dsa

Our script was executed in collaboration with FP7 Dubai

Production House: Filmworks Dubai

Here's the animatic we created prior to the shoot.

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