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The IKEA Birdhouse Logo: cute content for nesting parents.

For young families in the Netherlands, online stores have become popular destinations for decorating nurseries. So, how could IKEA proof it has value for this audience beyond just convenience?

The answer started with an insight. Housing prices have never been higher. So, when a couple grows into a family, they cannot automatically afford to live larger anymore. This is where IKEA offers valuable relevance: its renowned expertise in decorating small spaces helps young parents to make the most of their existing home when they need to make space for a nursery.

Creative inspiration came from one of our creatives spotting a bird's nest in the logo of one of the IKEA stores in the Netherlands. We decided to create and decorate the tiniest of houses: a birdhouse with perfect replicas of IKEA furniture and accessories. We then fitted the birdhouse into the IKEA logo on the side of the Amsterdam Zuid-Oost branch, showing that IKEA is still the go-to place for nesting parents when decorating small spaces. The video we made had cuteness written all over it; perfect for young parents and social media.

This idea was developed together with creatives Willem Droog and Tim Boom.


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