A bird's nest in an IKEA store was the start of this idea.

Sometimes inspiration hides in unexpected places. I remember one of the creatives in my team at Wavemaker showing me a photo of a bird's nest inside the IKEA logo on their store in Haarlem. For a creative, the question that comes to mind straight away is 'What can we do with this?'. Or, how can we make this relevant for IKEA? One of the ideas was to create a livestream from inside the nest on IKEA's social channels. Followers would be able to witness the tiniest nursery in the land, guess how many birds would be born, name them, etc. This version didn't make it but the video we ended up creating caused cuteness overload on IKEA's social channels nonetheless. Creatives: Willem Droog and Tim Boom. Creative Direction: Richard Hol.

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